Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience by Yi-Fu Tuan

By Yi-Fu Tuan

A examine of the ways that humans believe and view house, how they shape attachments to domestic, local, and kingdom, and the way emotions approximately house and position are suffering from the feel of time.“Since it's the breadth and universality of his argument that issues Yi-Fu Tuan, event is outlined as ‘all the modes in which anyone understands and constructs reality,’ and examples are excited about equivalent ease from non-literate cultures, from old and sleek oriental and western civilizations, from novels, poetry, anthropology, psychology, and theology. the result's a notable synthesis, which displays good the subtleties of expertise and but avoids the pitfalls of arbitrary type and facile generalization. For those purposes, and for its common tone and erudition and humanism, this publication would certainly be one who will undergo whilst the present flurry of educational curiosity in environmental adventure abates.” Canadian Geographer

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In contrast with the here where I am, you are there and he is yonder. What is there or yonder I call that. " In non-European languages, a finely shaded range of demonstrative pronouns may be used to signify relative distances from self. 34 In English the demonstratives "this" and "that" are only a pair and so lack locational range; perhaps as a result their meanings become polarized and can carry high emotional charge. 35 In Richard II, Shakespeare succeeds in 48 Body, Personal Relations, and Spatial Values A.

The stomach distends and contracts as food is taken in and digested. This physiological function, unlike breathing, is consciously identified with alternating states of distress and bliss. "Empty" and "full" are visceral experiences of lasting importance to the human being. The infant knows them and responds with crying or smiling. To the adult, such commonplace experiences take on an extra metaphorical meaning, as the expressions "my cup runneth over," "I have an empty feeling," and "a full life" suggest.

31 The children are shown pictures of four types of places that are a part of their larger environment: village, city, farm, and factory. " The replies show marked individual differences. In general, those of the older children are much more sophisticated. Village, city, farm, and factory are familiar categories of place to sixth graders; they describe them with an assurance and facility comparable to those of adults. ) but also attempts to explain how the place functions. In comparison, the first-grade pupil, when he looks at the picture of the village, is more likely to ignore its broader spatial setting; he may not even recognize it as a village, his attention being focused on its parts—the church, the school, the shop, and the road.

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