Almuric (Planet Stories) by Robert E. Howard

By Robert E. Howard

The author of Conan appears to be like to the celebs in a single of fantasy's so much enduring technology fable classics! Robert E. Howard's Almuric is a savage planet of crumbling stone ruins and debased, near-human population. Into this global comes Esau Cairn, Earthman, swordsman, assassin. in simple terms he can overthrow the bad devils that enslave Almuric, yet to take action he needs to first defeat the interior demons that pressured him to desert Earth. jam-packed with vile beasts and exciting event within the culture of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Almuric is one in every of Howard's few novels, and a very good yarn from one among America's so much specified literary voices.

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Its gigantic stones are impervious to the elements, and might have stood there ten years or ten thousand years. I am of the opinion that the city is at least fifteen thousand years old. The Guras are an ancient race, in spite of their exuberant barbarism which gives them the atmosphere of a new young people. Of the evolution of the race from whatever beast was their common ancestor, of their racial splittings off and tribal drifts, of their development to their present condition, nothing whatever is known.

I muttered. “No. They are devils. While they sat about the fire the dog-heads fell upon them. I did not see them until they were on us. They swarmed over the Yagas like jackals over deer. Then they dragged me into the darkness. What they meant to do, Thak only knows. ” I marveled. “I cried it aloud in my terror,” she answered. “They heard and mimicked me. When you came, they knew you. Do not ask me how. ” “This planet is infested with devils,” I muttered. ” She colored slightly, and instead of answering, began pulling her tunic straps in place.

As for me, I went momentarily blind with the red madness of fury that swept over me. With a blood-thirsty snarl I jerked convulsively, upsetting the two men who held me; so we all went down in a heap. The other Thugrans came and boosted us up, glad to vent their outraged feelings on my carcass, which they did lustily, with sandal heels and sword hilts. But I did not feel the blows that rained upon me. The whole world was swimming red to my sight, and speech had utterly failed me. I could only snarl bestially as I tore in vain at the thongs which bound me.

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