Algoritmi e Strutture di Dati by A. Bertossi

By A. Bertossi

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The latter are used for block-level access devices such as tape drives, hard disks, floppy disks, and CD-ROMs. Interestingly, block devices have two separate interfaces—in the form of character special device as well as block device files. The main difference between the two is that character special files support regular read and write system calls that perform direct I/O to the device, whereas block device files support an internal OS interface called bstrategy that performs buffered I/O. 9 is a schematic that shows a disk dump utility dd accessing a hard disk through the character device interface /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s4.

Each level addresses a part of the problem, and there is a separate protocol for each level. 2). The Link Layer deals with the operation of the network interface card (NIC) and link-level data formats. The Network Layer deals with movement of packets over a network that may consist of many physical links that are connected through intermediary devices. The next layer is the Transport Layer. This layer provides abstractions to connect two software applications, whereas the lower layers dealt with connecting computers.

This is not so heavy a burden on the programmer as would seem at first sight. That is so because programs must use a locking mechanism to serialize access to shared data in most cases anyway, otherwise the programs can behave incorrectly. The locking call libraries that Sharing Data on a Weak Store Order Memory This example illustrates the need for a SYNC instruction in a weak store order memory model. Processor P1 sets a shared flag to tell processor P2 to start working on some shared data. P1 then waits until P2 finishes processing it; P2 notifies P1 by resetting the flag.

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