Adipose Tissue and Adipokines in Health and Disease by Saverio Cinti MD (auth.), Giamila Fantuzzi PhD, Theodore

By Saverio Cinti MD (auth.), Giamila Fantuzzi PhD, Theodore Mazzone MD (eds.)

This ebook provides a finished survey of adipose tissue, its physiological services, and its position in illness. the quantity spans the complete variety of adipose tissue stories, from easy anatomical and physiological examine to epidemiology and scientific stories. The authors are extraordinary researchers, clinicians and epidemiologists. they've got integrated groundbreaking fresh stories into conventional types of adipose tissue homes.

Chapters on recognized houses of adipokines leptin and adiponectin are complemented by means of an creation to a unique view of adipose tissue as a dynamic organ that regulates systemic substrate availability and metabolism, in addition to a number of different discrete services. This novel inspiration is accelerated.

Worldwide tendencies in weight problems are mentioned from an evolutionary viewpoint and motives of the present weight problems epidemic are postulated. also, researchers and clinicians research the organization and power function of adipose tissue in sickness mediation and provide epidemiological proof. This quantity concludes with a considerate and cutting edge dialogue of varied methods to inducing and maintaining weightloss in overweight

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Its expression is increased by fasting and glucocorticoids and reduced by refeeding (105). ATGL expression increases during the differentiation of human preadipocytes in adipocytes, simultaneously with HSL expression, and the expression of these two lipases appears coregulated in human adipose tissue (107). Its expression is also reduced in the adipose tissue of ob/ob and db/db mice (105). To our knowledge, no data on ATGL expression in human obesity are available. ATGL contains in its N-terminal part a patatin domain and belongs thus to a large family of proteins with patatin domains that have acylhydrolase activity (see ref.

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