Abiotic Stress Response in Plants - Phys., Biochem, Genetic by A. Shanker, et al.,

By A. Shanker, et al.,

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The Plant Cell: 1-11 Wu Y, Deng Z, Lai J, Zhang Y, Yang C, Yin B, Zhao Q, Zhang L, Li Y, Yang C, Xie Q (2009) Dual function of Arabidopsis ATAF1 in abiotic and biotic stress responses. Cell Res 19: 1279-1290 Wurzinger B, Mair A, Pfister B, Teige M (2010) Cross-talk of calcium-dependent protein kinase and MAP kinase signalling. Plant Signal Behav 6 Xu J, Li Y, Wang Y, Liu H, Lei L, Yang H, al. e (2008) Activation of MAPK kinase 9 induces ethylene and camalexin biosynthesis and enhances sensitivityto salt stress in Arabidopsis.

However evidence suggests the existence of HM sensors in plants to perceive the availability of HMs in the environment. Among HMs iron is of a special importance for plants due to its requirement for photosynthesis and most of the cellular redox-dependent processes. , 2003), less is known about signalling pathways induced by iron excess. Excess of iron is harmful for cells due to its high reactivity with oxygen which leads to ROS production. , 2001). , 2010). , 2009). Detailed gene expression analyses have allowed the identification of HM stress-specific transcriptional profiles and suggested the existence of HM sensors.

PLoS Biol 4: 327-332 Mosher S, Moeder W, Nishimura N, Jikumaru Y, Se-Hwan J, Urquhart W, Klessig D, Kim S, Nambara E, Yoshioka K (2010) The Lesion-Mimic Mutant cpr22 Shows Alterations in Abscisic Acid Signaling and Abscisic Acid Insensitivity in a Salicylic AcidDependent Manner. Plant Physiol 152: 1901-1913 24 Abiotic Stress Response in Plants – Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic Perspectives Nawrath C, Heck S, Parinthawong N, Métraux J-P (2002) EDS5, an Essential Component of Salicylic Acid–Dependent Signaling for Disease Resistance in Arabidopsis, Is a Member of the MATE Transporter Family.

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