A Mathematical Grammar of English by George Hemphill

By George Hemphill

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Is morphemic open juncture—{. A . } in the formula, or, better, {. . - . }. By convention the hyphen attaches to prefixes and suffixes, not 52 WORD-STRUCTURE to simple words. And we may include among the prefixes and suffixes what Malone calls "combining forms": 3 {thir-}, {-teen}, and {-ty}, for example, in {thir- -teen} and {thir- -ty}. Note that morphemic open juncture does not always coincide with phonemic juncture; that, in other words, boundaries between syllables and morphemes sometimes differ.

Hom-ed/, 111-011. Toward the beginning of the preceding chapter we touched briefly on the second problem that arises in connection with polysyllables, and here we must return to it in detail. At that point we said that any given English syllable had potential either for clarity, which we shall call the function or predicate K, or for obscurity, the negation of clarity, written ~ Κ or R . Using the WhiteheadRussell circumflex as before (page 27), "σ" for syllable, and ">-" for 'has the potential to become' we can write this very compactly (Y) }Ka>Ka^Ra\.

Em en eng The G continuants are arranged in four voiceless/voiced pairs followed by the three nasal continuants, all of which are voiced. Although there are no bona fide English words which consist phonetically of C continuants, only, [sVs], [S^S], and [m 1 m 1 m] carry correspondence value as signals of disapproval, silence, and agreement respectively. The third nasal [ g ] is not found initially in English words, but is quite common initially in African and Southeast Asian languages. The ΓΡΑ has [J] for [s] and [3] for [z], the probable reason for avoiding the latter signs being the understandable objection to diacritics.

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