A field guide to wildflowers : Northeastern and by Roger Tory Peterson; Margaret McKenny

By Roger Tory Peterson; Margaret McKenny

This e-book is a advisor to the wildflowers within the Northcentral and jap areas of the U.S.. Map of region lined by means of this booklet -- creation -- thesaurus -- The households of vegetation -- White or whitish vegetation -- Yellow plant life -- Orange vegetation -- crimson to pink plant life -- Violet to blue plants -- eco-friendly and brown plant life -- eco-friendly flora -- Brown plant life -- Index

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Plastids in sieve elements and their companion cells. Investigations on monocotyledons, with special reference to Smilax and Tradescantia. Planta 110, 321-328 (1973). : Zur Herkunft und Struktur der Plasmafilamente in Assimilatleitbahnen. Planta 74, 18-44 (1967). : Ultrastructure of phloem and its development in Gnetumgnemon, with some observations on Ephedra campylopoda. Protoplasma 78,305-319 (1973). : On specific sieve-tube plastids in Caryophyllales. Further investigations with special reference to the Bataceae.

For example, all four types of inclusions may be found in the sieve cell plastids of Pinus (SRIVASTAVA and O'BRIEN, 1966; MURMANIS and EVERT, 1966; WOODING, 1966; PARAMESWARAN, 1971) and Picea abies (TIMELL, 1973). V. PARTHASARATHY: Gnetum and Ephedra (BEHNKE and PALIWAL, 1973) the sieve-cell plastids contain only starch granules. The matrix of plastids becomes more and more electrontransparent as cell differentiation progresses. Mitochondria undergo relatively less change in structure although in most mature sieve cells the mitochondrial cristae may appear somewhat swollen.

The development of P-protein bodies. J. Cell BioI. 38, 25-39 (l968a). : P-protein in the phloem of Cucurbita. II. The P-protein of mature sieve elements. J. Cell BioI. 38, 292-303 (1968 b). : Fine structural studies ofP-proteins in Cucurbita, Cucumis, and Nicotiana. J. Ultrastruct. Res. 45, 192-205 (1973). : Sieve tubes and callose in Elodea leaves. Am. J. Bot. 55, 145-152 (l968). : A re-evaluation of extruded nucleoli in sieve elements. J. Ultrastruct. Res. 33, 483-494 (1970). : Aspects of sieve-element ontogeny and structure in Smilax rotundifolia.

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